Despite best efforts, advertising still looks like advertising

I don’t drink Coke. I don’t mind it but I just don’t drink it. It dehydrates me and gives me a syrupy feeling in my throat. Nonetheless, it wants to be my friend ever so badly. Not just Coke either. I’m a popular guy. All kinds of brands want to be my friend. Yours too. They need to do a better job of it really. They need to “get me” like a best friend would. Most simply don’t. Pandora advertisements inserted into music while jogging send me into an existential rage. Banner ads are so bad they’re only good for screen capturing and sharing on Twitter. If the annoying guy at work had such a thing, you’d hit his “you can skip this ad in X seconds” button in exactly X seconds every time. I don’t even have cable (It’s still cool not to have it now, right?).

The state of advertising is simple: it’s staying in on weekends, petrified by the opposite sex, and awkward during lunch hour. How long will it take for advertisers to understand that being cool is kind of their entire thing? Not sure. But you’ll know when it happens. It will be the day you ask yourself, “What happened to all the advertising I used to have to watch?”

*  I have other (Better even?) thoughts on this. Coke is heavy in the content marketing game I know, but I still feel they are missing something. All us advertisers are.

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